K Bye

As I watched a plethora of inebriated beings attempt a sober walk, while the sun seared my porcelain layer; I fell in love. The architecture got me. The simplicity of life, bordered by the detailed buildings, is where it's at. New Orleans is my new place.

To give Y'ALL a bit of background information, I began my life in Newtown, CT. From there we were uprooted to New South Wales, Australia. Upon return to the States, I finished the remainder of my High school years in Newport, RI. Now as you know, I'm currently living in New York City... Sense a pattern? Every single part of my life, I've resided in a region beginning with 'NEW'. Therefore, New Orleans must be my next city. It fits in my strange criteria; and I would only be doing more damage if I didn't go. It's the only plausible answer... The Man Upstairs has pointed me in the right direction.

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It's a sign.