"I am my worst enemy"

I've heard that statement before, but never fully unsheathed the viscious gremlin it refers too. As you know sleep hasn't been a joyous occasion as of late, my brain thinks it's morning after sunset. So here I am, laying in my wonderful bedroom... Being the living room, and my bed; the couch. Oh how luxurious you say? Darling please, wait until you see my bank account ;)

- off topic - 

This awkward lull has lured my mind into the deep crevices of my brain that I shouldn't have access too. Negativity is what resides in my unchartered grey matter. The angel on my shoulder, is no longer free. She's been beaten and imprisoned by the red man. And guess who's her cell mate! Some dumb white girl who let a mythical creature deceive her. So here I am. Locked in my own head with some damn angel that doesn't even work. All while, the Man running my show, won't let me direct it. 

 Possibly the creepiest picture I've ever seen, unfortunately it fits. 


I'm going to go eat a rainbow.