Casual Shopper

Illustrated by Marc Pearson. 

Illustrated by Marc Pearson

Thought I'd add to my previous post, and drag on the sarcasm. There really is nothing I crave more, than the checkout line at Trader Joe's. In fact it thrills me how fast it forms, like a ninja snake in your old Nokia phone starving, searching for the yummy dots, fingers crossed it get's the occasional spider. Seriously though, one minute there's no line, then the next it's meandering throughout the building. Just to put it to scale(for those who are too Upper East Side for bargain shopping), imagine a factory, now turn it into a massive supermarket, then squeeze the population of Manhattan inside and you've got your good old Trader Joe's. Which I kindly refer to as an apocalyptic center for complete chaos. I swear they gas their employees on entering because, there is no suitable reason a worker would enjoy constantly restocking and bagging like a robot on overdrive, and appear to relish in the manic. Yesterday, over the loudspeaker a lady addressed how busy it was and asked if her fellow colleagues would join her in a "Bagging Party!!". No lie, a collection of 'Woohoo's!!' shortly followed, and the robots switched into ultra overdrive.

It's a Bucket-list place. 

For another cool insight into TJ's, read Aaron Gilbreath's 'The Man At The End Of The Line'